Volleyball Workouts-Training to Increase Vertical Jump

Have you ever wanted to know how to jump higher for volleyball? Well by following some simple volleyball workouts you can increase your vertical jump more than you ever thought possible.

Volleyball Training to Jump Higher

Volleyball training is very important because you never actually have control of the ball like you do in basketball. You have to have perfect form in every movement and jumping is no different. You jumping form alone can increase your vertical leap by up to 15%.

Vertical jump training for volleyball is one of the most important aspects of the game but most high school coaches don’t understand that. They are more focused on funny volleyball cheers than on conditioning their athletes to jump higher.

If you take the time to do some plyometric training for volleyball you will notice a marked improvement in your vertical jump height in the first few weeks of training. Volleyball workouts to jump higher should focus on jumping off of both feet because that is how you block and hit. Rarely would you ever jump off of one foot so you should not be training by jumping from only 1 foot in practice.

Do not think that I am saying you don’t need ball handling skills because you do. You have plenty of time to train all areas that need practice from serving, passing, setting, blocking, hitting and jumping higher. I have seen too many players than never reach their potential simply because they do not understand that they need to do plyometric training coupled with strength training in order to jump higher.

Before you start going to the gym to do exercises that you think will make you jump like Kobe Bryant you should understand a little about the human body and physics, which is known as biomechanics or kinesiology.

When you jump you are trying to produce as much force against the ground in the shortest amount of time possible. This is called power and power is product of strength and speed. So if you want to jump higher you simply need to increase the strength and the speed of your legs.

Most people are lacking in one of the 2 areas and some are lacking in both. It would be a good idea to understand which person you are. If you have really strong legs, and by really strong I mean that you have no problem squatting 2 times your body weight, then you need to focus more on speed training.

If you are quick and lack strength it would be wise for you to hit the weights a little more than the average person that is training to jump higher.

Now if you are like most people you lack a little of both and that is fine. First you want to train your strength because lacking leg strength can cause injury when you start doing plyometric exercises. Plyometrics involve a lot of high intensity exercises that require a lot of leg strength.

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