Volleyball Training-Vertical Jump

How to Jump Higher Volleyball (2)

Volleyball jump training requires a lot of work on every part of the game.  The vertical jump aspect is best improved with plyometric exercises.  If you want to learn how to jump higher in volleyball you need to learn from the best, and they would be beach volleyball players.  A plyometric training program will consist of many different workouts that will increase the speed and strength of the legs.

Jump Higher Program

  • You have to have sufficient leg strength first.  What is strong enough?  You need to be squatting at least 1.5 times your body weight.  Your muscles and tendons have to be strong enough to withstand the high intensity of plyometrics.
  • Plyometric boxes are a great thing to have if you are serious about jumping higher.  A Plyometrics mat is not something that you need in order to produce great results.

Exercises to Jump Higher

  • Squats- You will learn to love squats if you don’t already.  Make sure you never lift for strength right before doing plyometrics, you need to do them on seperate days.
  • Lunges-  Not in old lunges, these are jumping lunges.  You will jump in the air as high as possible in between each rep and land with the opposite leg in front.
  • Crunches- Yes your stomach needs to be strong in order for you to keep good form while jumping.

Plyometric Drills

  • Plyometrics drills a.k.a. volleyball drills are to be done with the least amount of time on the ground as possible.  This means that when you step off of the box you need to jump up on the other one as fast as you can.  Training like this will increase your vertical by shortening the reaction time of your muscles and causing them to react with more power.  High powered plyometrics are key to increase vertical.
  • Check out the Jump Manual by clicking here.  The jump manual exercises will help you gain inches in your vert quickly.

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