Volleyball Jump Training

Vertical jump exercises are the key to any volleyball jump training program. If you want to be better at your sport, whether it be volleyball, basketball or any other sport that puts emphasis on jumping, you need to take time to train your muscles to increase your vertical leap.

Not everyone is born a natural jumper but that doesn’t mean you can’t learn to increase your vertical through doing some exercises for jump training. The best way to train you legs is by doing plyometric exercises.

You want to avoid the type of air alert exercises that focus more on jumping endurance instead of increasing jump height. I bugs me that a company charges people money for their vertical training program that doesn’t work. Don’t get me wrong, there are vertical jump training exercises that do work and provide great results and I will show you what to look for.

The most effective exercises for jump training are not always the workouts that feel like they are working the best. This means that some plyometric workouts may feel that they are going to produce great results but they might not do much of anything.

Some of the best exercises for volleyball, basketball or any other sport might not even feel like they are doing much while you are performing them. But you will notice an increase in your vertical leap after training for as little as 1 week.

Proper vertical training should not exceed 12 reps for a workout and should never require you to do plyometric vertical jump training on the same day that you weight train with your legs. If you want to learn how to jump higher plyometric exercises are the key you need.

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