The Truth About Jump Programs

There are way too many jump programs on the internet now and it’s only going to get worse. The reason there are so many is that there is no way of telling people they can’t create a program and start selling it. This means that you have a lot of internet marketers creating products or promoting bogus products because they get paid when you buy a program through their link. The problem with this is that so many sites recommend a product only because it will pay them the most. They don’t even try them out or have any idea of which one will work and which one doesn’t. There are some great programs and some really bad ones.

I never recommend a product that I haven’t tried and I have an eye for scams and I will warn you which programs to avoid. There are 2 programs that stick out to me as being fakes because they have extremely fake pictures on their sites. If a site uses a fake picture, can you trust them? The answer is NO! They will lie about other things as well. Let’s take a look at these fake pictures so you can spot these scams.

The first fake picture (pictured at the right) comes from some site called higher-faster-stronger and the bogus scam product they are promoting is the vertical jump development bible. This picture just looks fake, so I enlarged it by 400 times and analyzed it. Sure enough, it is photo shopped on top of the angle of the camera being very deceptive.

The next picture is from power vertical, I mean look at this picture and tell me you can spot that it is a scam. The guy is the exact same in each picture, don’t you find that a little strange? And his fingers are in front of the things that he is supposed to be hitting. Such a fake picture, I can’t believe that anyone would buy a product that has this picture associated with it.

So there are 2 pictures that are showing 2 obvious scams. Another huge scam is the “Luke Lowrey” scam. He is just a normal Joe Blow that is a self proclaimed vertical jump expert. That is what you will get with the internet, you get kids saying that they train pros and get hush money. This is a ridiculous claim and there is no proof behind it, don’t believe that hype. If someone has to say that they are the trainer for so and so, it means that they really aren’t or they wouldn’t have to toot their own horn.

I have tried a few programs, and unlike everyone that creates them, I actually have a degree in Exercise Science. I haven’t seen anyone that actually has a degree in a related field that has created a jump program. If you want to learn how to jump higher, their are tons of programs, but I would never recommend about 99% of them. There are a couple programs that are great and a few that are okay. But you don’t want to pay for an okay program. I do have a favorite that I used and it is the only one so far that I would recommend.

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