Plyometric Workout Routine

A plyometric workout routine consists of strength training and plyometric exericses that are designed to help you learn how to jump higher. Vertical jump training is a bit tricky because you aren’t training the same way that a bodybuilder would train their muscles. When trying to learn to jump higher you have to realize that there are 2 factors (speed and strength) you have to focus on instead of just 1 (strength) that a bodybuilder or average person is focused on.

There have been tons of studies done to figure out the proper number of sets, reps, wait time between them and many other factors that go into building big, good looking muscles. There have not been many studies done for learning to jump higher. When I was in college, I couldn’t find a professor that would agree to research vertical jump training workouts (plyometric workouts) with me but I could easily find many that were interested on strength gains. So you can see that it’s not as popular and therefore not researched as much. I went on to graduate with a degree in Exercise Science but never got work along side a professor to test my vertical jump training workout routines on people to see what worked the best. So, I had to test my plyometric workout routines on myself and friends and the results surprised me.

I had learned that there were a few factors that were important but none were more important than finding out the bottleneck that was preventing each individual to reach their personal highest vertical jump that they could get. This means that one person might really need to work on the strength of their quads while another person has quads that are strong enough to have a 50 inch vertical jump but the speed at which their muscles fire was preventing them from even getting to 30 inches. To see a video on vertical jump training that I think everyone should see – Click Here

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