Plyometric Workout

How to Jump Higher Volleyball SpikeA plyometric workout is the best way to learn how to jump higher for any sport, but the basketball and volleyball are the 2 sports where jumping workouts play a more important role. Workouts to jump higher can vary greatly but they all have one thing in common, they work on increasing vertical jump through plyometric exercises.

Jumping Workouts

Lets look at a plyometric workouts that will give you a few extra inches on your vertical leap. The first thing that I want to explain about vertical jumping workouts is that you need to allow your body time to rest between sets. You should stick to low reps and high intensity, but you need to rest a little longer than you would if you were just lifting weights to build muscle. We are not trying to get big bulky legs, we are developing muscles that perform well. Plyometrics is a combination of speed and strength so you need to work each of them equally. You should have sufficient leg strength before you even begin workouts to increase vertical. I would recommend that you be able to squat 1.5 times your weight 5 times in 5 seconds before you start plyometrics training.


Plyometrics are often referred to as plyos. Plyometric equipment may be needed for some jumping exercises such as plyometric boxes. Don’t be fooled into buying plyometric shoes or other gadgets that can mess up your normal gait. Remember that you can do these workouts to increase vertical jump without using any special equipment but sometimes having equipment available will make plyometric training a little easier. Check out the Jump Manual by clicking here.

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