Plyometric Jumping Exercises

Jump Higher
The human body is always changing and you are getting either weaker or stronger each day.  When we stop using our muscles they begin atrophy, which means they decrease in size and strength.  But, when we put them under stress that they aren’t used to the opposite happens which is known as hypertrophy.  To build bigger muscles there is an exact science that has been studied for years and people can get great results using weights in gym.  When you have the goal to jump higher instead of just get bigger, the training changes form into something that may seem very foreign to even the most experienced weight lifter.  Many people confuse strength with power.  Strength is only have the equation of what makes up power and the other half is speed.  Being able to squat 500 pounds does not directly correlate to being able to jump a certain height.  Training a muscle to lift a weight under slow and steady conditions will make the actual muscle slow and strong.  This is why you have to implement jumping exercises into your workouts if you want to increase your vertical leap.  Practice makes perfect and this holds true with jumping.  The more you jump the better you leg muscles will be able to respond and the faster they will become.  Volleyball players jump more than in any other sport so it’s not a surprise that many have 44 inch verts.  It’s because they jump over and over again during each game and during practice.  There are exercises designed with one purpose and that is increase muscle reaction and speed, this is known as plyometrics.  Plyos are a great way to increase your vert in the shortest amount of time possible.  The key is to combine them with traditional strength training techniques to get the best results.  You need to do plyos on days that you don’t workout your legs because they need to be fresh.  The resting is a lot different when doing plyometric exercises.  You aren’t wanting to hit the lets again while most of the muscle fibers are tired so that the fresh ones will work and result in bigger muscles.  You want to teach all the fibers to fire at the exact same time and with all of their force possible to result in you jumping higher.  That is why the rest is longer in between each set and the reps are lower to insure that you are jumping at your max each rep.  Doing high reps would only increase your endurance and you want max height to be able to dunk or block that high shot.  How soon should you see results when doing a jumping program?  Well the Jump Manual promises 10 inches in 12 weeks.  That may seem unreachable but you will see that with a well designed training program it is realistic. The jump manual exercises are designed to produce results as quickly as possible while still allowing your body to have adequate rest.
The Jump Manual comes with:

  • One on one coaching which is very beneficial and the only program I have seen that has it.
  • It also has a diet plan that will help with muscle performance and recovery.
  • A complete video training library that shows exact form of the exercises.

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