Plyometric Exercises

In order to learn how to jump higher you have to incorporate plyometric exercises into your workout. Lets take a look at some plyometric workouts that will help you increase your vertical through training.

Plyometric boxes are essential if you want to start any vertical training program. You will be doing a lot of box jumps and having a few of these plyo boxes in various sizes will help you in your training. Click Here to see a jump program that uses boxes along with other workouts that promises a gain of 10 inches in 10 weeks.

Box jumps have to be done correctly if you want them to work. This means that you will not be resting in between reps. You have to minimize the amount of time that your feet are in contact with the ground. You will most likely have to use a lower box in order to keep proper form and technique. You do not want to do high reps when doing plyometrics because you are not training to increase your endurance, you are training to increase vertical jump height.

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