Learn How to Jump Higher Fast

volleyball exercisesYou see all these people being able to jump so high that they can dunk on anyone and you want to learn how to dunk like them? Well if you want to learn how to jump higher fast you have to train properly. Basketball drills and volleyball drills should include plyometric jump training in the workout programs. I’m not talking about jump rope training because jump rope exercises are designed to develop slow twitch muscle fibers in your legs. You want to learn to jump higher not how to jump for longer periods of time at sub-maximal heights. So how do you jump higher? Well some ways to jump higher are by doing specific plyometric workouts that focus on increasing vertical leap. Many volleyball training drills will focus on spiking the ball many times in practice while basketball training drills might not focus so much on dunking the ball. That is why you will notice that volleyball players have great vertical leaping ability. Beach volleyball training is even more intense because you are jumping out of the sand. Volleyball exercises contain many plyos that will work to get you jumping higher.
How to Dunk a BasketballJumping Workouts
Jumping workouts vary greatly but the best jumping programs will product results quickly. Learning how to increase vertical jump fast is one of the key ingredients to being successful in your sport. The jump manual exercises contain the best workouts to increase vertical leap. Check out the Jump Manual workouts here.

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