How to Jump Higher with Plyometric Exercises

Training with plyometric exercises is a great way to learn how to jump higher in basketball, volleyball or any other sport that requires any fast movements.  There are many programs on the interent that make pretty bold promises in how many inches they can add on you vertical jump.  I would recommend reading a review of vertical jump programs to see which ones stack up and which ones don’t.  Learning how to jump higher in volleyball is slightly different than learning some of the form and techniques to jump higher for basketball.

Plyometric Drills

Let’s take some common plyometric workouts that consists mostly of jumping exercises to see how we could throw them into the usual basketball or volleyball exercises.  Plyometrics are not like the normal way of training where you want to do your second set while you are still tired from the first one.  You want to allow yourself more time to recover before doing your next set of plyos.  The jump manual exercises are designed in a way that you have enough rest but not too much.

Plyometric Training

How to Jump Higher for VolleyballThe concept of a plyometrics workout is that when you stretch a muscle before contracting it, the muscle will react with more power.  Power is a combination of speed and strength.  The speed of the muscles is faster when it is stretched right before contraction.  It’s much like a rubber band in many ways.  So plyometric training is designed to make all of the muscles react at the exact same time when you bend your knees at the start of a jump.  So to increase vertical jump you need to train the muscles to react better right before take-off.  This is where the jump manual workouts come into play.

So you can see that plyometric training for volleyball to learn how to spike would be almost the same as jumping exercises for basketball to learn how to dunk.  The science is the same with vertical leap no matter how you look at it.

Jump Rope Exercises

Would jump rope exercises be beneficial?  I would not recommend doing a jump rope exercise routine.  You want to drills that will teach you how to jump higher not for a longer period of time.  Doing the jump rope workout will only train your muscles to become endurance muscles but they won’t give you much more height on your vertical leap.  So if you want to learn how to dunk or how to spike the answer is in learning how to increase vertical jump with vertical training.  Increasing vertical doesn’t take as long as you may think.  To increase jumping you simply need to follow a well designed program such as the jump manual and you will start seeing results in the first week of training. So if you want your vertical jump higher then swing by and check out the program by clicking here.

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