How to Jump Higher in Volleyball

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Plyometric vertical leap workouts are much different than your typical exercises to build muscle mass. Volleyball is a sport that requires more jumping than any other sport and being able to jump higher will result in more games won. There is no doubt that beach volleyball jump training is the most intense type of exercises to increase vert. I prefer to jump in the sand even if I am training to play indoor volleyball. There are many advantages of jumping in sand:

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  1. The sand is more forgiving on your joints.  Plyometric jumping exercises will end up harming your knees if all of your training is done on hard court.
  2. Doing jumping workouts in sand forces you to use all of your supporting muscles to jump higher.  Sand is hard to get out of and it requires your arm swing to jump higher.  You will give it your all every time and that’s how you want to train.

The approach is different in beach volleyball than it is for indoor.  When you approach to hit the ball on an indoor court you want to use all of your forward momentum and convert it into upward jump height.  This is usually done with a longer approach of about 5 steps and then using a broad jump.  In the sand the technique is much different.  You want to take a shorter approach, usually a 3 step.  You have to hit the sand harder with you feet in order to leave the ground.

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The best plyometric exercise program would incorporate many different jump in both sand and court.  But you do want to train your muscles mostly on the surface that you will be competing on.  The jump manual exercises are designed to give you the best increase in vertical leap in the shortest amount of time possible.  The jump manual program has the best plyometric exercises to increase vetical leap for volleyball or basketball.

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