How to Jump Higher in Basketball to Dunk

How to DunkHave you ever wanted to learn how to dunk? Well learning how to jump higher in basketball will help you in your desire to learn how to dunk a basketball. You have to learn the proper way to train your vertical jump with a good basketball workout.

Plyometric Exercises Increase Vertical Leap

Using plyometrics you will be able to increase your vertical jumping ability.  Plyos are designed to produce more speed in your muscles which means you will have more fast twitch muscle fibers.  Since jumping higher is a combination of speed and strength you will realize that plyometrics is only half of the equation to increase vertical jump.  How to jump higher exercises are the key to getting good results.  You can’t simply jump rope all day and expect your vertical leap to increase.  Let me explain to you why jump rope exercises will not give you the results you are looking for.  When you jump rope you are only jumping a few inches off the ground.  You want to train your muscles to jump their highest each and every time.  Jumping rope in only training your muscles to jump a few inches but to do so for long periods of time.  Your training workouts to jump higher should closely resemble the sport that you will be playing.  If you are playing beach volleyball you would do a lot of your workouts in sand, but if you are playing basketball you will focus on doing your vertical training on the hard court to increase jumping.

How to Dunk a Basketball

How to Dunk a BasketballWhen doing basketball drills you need to focus on doing most of your plyometric workout with a basketball in your hands.  You have to learn how to jump while holding a basketball.  It isn’t like volleyball where you don’t have to have anything in your hands when you jump.  You form has a lot to do with your vertical leap and using a basketball will require different techniques to jump higher.  You can’t learn how to slam dunk if you don’t know how to jump while holding a basketball.

Jump Higher Program

Jump Manual ExercisesAny vertical jumping program will show jumping training workouts that you can do to increase you vertical leap.  This site has a  jump manual review that goes over some of the jump manual exercises that you can expect to see inside the program.

Why keep playing basketball at your current level when you can learn to increase your vertical leaping ability in weeks?  It’s time to take your game to the next level.  Check out the jump manual -> Click Here.

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