Does The Jump Manual Really Increase Vertical Jump?

The famous Jump Manual (Click here to visit the makes some very bold claims about just how much you can increase your vertical jump in a matter of weeks.

Jacob Hiller is the person behind the Jump Manual and he guarantees to add 10 inches to your vertical leap if you follow his Jump Manual program that is available as a downloadable eBook immediately upon purchase.

Jump Manual workout

Jacob has trained many collegiate, professional and even Olympic athletes to jump higher and he has sold thousands of his eBook that contains workouts and advice on how to jump higher with plyometric workouts and jumping exercises.

The question remains, does the Jump Manual really increase your vertical jump like promised on

I myself was curious as to how well it would work so I forked out the money to buy the Jump Manual to see for myself if it worked or if it was just a big scam by someone that doesn’t know what they are talking about.

How to Jump Higher Ty Loomis

A little about myself: I consider myself very educated when it comes to jumping and exercise in general.  My name is Cade, I have a Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science and studied biomechanics/kinesiology throughout my college career.  I have also worked as a personal trainer for 2 years and taught volleyball.  I have designed my own vertical jump training programs for friends of mine that have gone on to play both professional beach volleyball and indoor volleyball.

So naturally I can spot the scams from programs that are backed by science.  When I bought the Jump Manual, I was not impressed with the presentation of the actual product.  But then again, I was not paying money to have a nice looking eBook, I paid money for something that would make me jump higher and the Jump Manual delivered.

Just reading through the Jump Manual I could tell that Jacob understood the science behind jump training and actually knew what he was talking about.  He even made some points that I had not thought of, but are very true and important to jumping higher.

I was expecting it to give pretty good results like my own jumping programs, but it actually did a little better than my own personally designed programs and for that I give Jacob Hiller a lot of credit.  Within the first 2 weeks of doing the Jump Manual workout, I saw a gain of 2 inches on my vertical jump.  This is not just a “beginners” 2 inches, I already had a good vertical and that is what makes it more impressive.  It is very easy for a person just starting out to gain a few inches in the first month of plyometric training but I am an experienced jumper.

Click Here to see a video where Jacob explains some very important factors that you need to consider when wanting to learn how to jump higher.

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