Basketball Workout to Increase Vertical Jump

Basketball puts a lot of emphasis on being able to jump high and a basketball workout should incorporate this into it’s plyometric training portion.  Basketball workouts need to focus mostly on movements that mimic the game and game-like situations.  One common example of this would be doing a lot of your jump training while holding a basketball.  Training with a basketball during your jumping exercises will teach you how to jump higher in basketball during an actual game while you are in possession of the ball. Don’t think that your basketball workout drills should only include passing, dribbling and footwork. You have to train using plyometric exercises if you want to be able to jump higher. The only sport that puts more emphasis on jumping than basketball would be volleyball and more specifically beach volleyball. It’s no wonder that worlds best jumpers are doing very intense plyometric training most days of the week. You too can learn how to jump with the best of them by following a well planned Jump Training Program seen Here.  Don’t believe the urban legend that people are either born being able to jump or not.   While it is true that some people are naturally better jumpers, this does not mean that everyone can become a great jumper.  With proper training you can jump with the best of them and you learn to jump higher fast by following simple steps.

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