How to Jump Higher Off Two Feet

Learning how to jump higher off of 2 feet is a little different than the one footed approach. Although jumping off of 1 foot is good for some break-away dunks in basketball and for some female volleyball players when they do the slide to attack the ball, it’s not what we will be covering today. So this is all about how to get up higher with the 2-footed approach.

If you play beach volleyball you know how important it is to generate as much force as possible from a standing position, especially if you are the blocker. There is no approach when you block, you simply jump straight up and down. If you play a lot of basketball or volleyball you are already essentially doing plyometric exercises while you are playing. This means that you will not need to do as much training with box jumps. But if you don’t play very often, you need to incorporate more of the following plyometric workout into your workouts.

First off, let me tell you that you do not need to do plyometrics everyday. Every other day or even just twice a week is enough to see great improvements. So here are some workouts that will put you on your way, for a more complete list Click Here.
Box Jumps:
Do these at a height that is challenging to you. If you can do 12 without stressing about it, then it is probably too low.
Keep reps low and rest a lot in between sets. But don’t rest at all in between reps. That is very important!
Make sure you stretch before and after every session of plyos! I repeat, stretching is your friend. If you don’t stretch you will end up with long term injuries of some sort. For me personally, my calves get really tight and cause my knees to ache if I don’t stretch for at least 20 minutes after doing any type of plyometric workout.
If you have bad knees you need to train in deep sand and barefoot.